Instructions For Students

Code of Conduct for the Students


  1. Students should be regular and punctual to the school.
  2. Students should report to school by 7:30 am in summers and 8:00 am in winters.
  3. Students should come to the school in proper school uniform.
  4. Students must wear the school identity card all the time.
  5. Students should be regular in bringing and writing in the school almanac every day.
  6. Students must read the newspaper daily.
  7. Students ought to keep their classrooms, school building and campus neat and clean.
  8. Students must take up all assignments, tests and examinations seriously.
  9. Students should use the resources of the school namely library, computers, lab- equipment, transport, medical, power, etc. judiciously and effectively.
  10. Students must switch off lights and fans when not in use.
  11. According to the school policy you are kindly requested to update the class teacher the reason for the absenteeism.
  12. Don’ts

  13. Students should not apply henna or nail paint in school.
  14. Students should not move in the corridors. However, during the class sessions, if required, they should move in silence and proper order.
  15. Students should not bring self-driven vehicles to the school.
  16. Students should not ignore reading any notice/circular given or issued, and no excuse will be accepted, if the student fails to comply with the directions in it.
  17. Under no pretext students are allowed to miss their teaching, games or activity periods.
  18. Students should not misbehave in the school transport, towards teachers, other students or any other employee of the school. They should be courteous and respectful towards everyone.
  19. Students should not disobey the instructions of the Teachers, Vice-Principal and Principal.
  20. According to the school policy, absence from the school, without the leave application or unexplained absence for more than five consecutive days renders the student liable to have his/her name struck off the rolls.
  21. Students should not disfigure or damage school property.


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